How to Pick the BEST Pumpkin in the Patch!

Fall season is upon us and everyone knows what that means: fall leaves, pumpkin spice, pumpkin patches, and Halloween! It’s the time when carved pumpkins take over your porches and lit with spooky faces. When visiting your local pumpkin patch, it can be difficult choosing a pumpkin. We’re providing the best tips to use for pumpkin picking: 

#1. Color and Shape 

Make sure the pumpkin is one even shade all over. This ensures you can easily carve the pumpkin.  A deep orange is ideal for orange pumpkins, but it varies depending on other colors. Don’t focus on the shape of the pumpkin, as imperfect shapes are usually best for carving. If you live in a colder region, look out for frost-bitten pumpkins! If they have a light shade around the stem, avoid those pumpkins.  

#2. Appearance 

Inspect the pumpkin and look out for the following: no visible cuts, bruises, or soft spots. Those signs indicate that it’s decaying and will not last long for the season. 

#3. Stem and Bottom 

Check the pumpkin’s underside and gently touch to feel for a firm and flat surface. Avoid pumpkins that feel soft and mushy. The same technique applies to the stem too. It must feel firm and secure to the pumpkin; it should be about 2 inches wide and green. When you pick it up, carry it to your chest and NOT by the stem! If the stem breaks, the decaying process may begin sooner. 

#4. Hollow Sound 

Much like a watermelon, a ripe pumpkin sounds hollow inside. To check, place one ear on the pumpkin and one hand ready to smack. Listen for a muffled “pong” sound for a ripe pumpkin. If you hear a clear “ping” sound instead, avoid picking it. An overripe pumpkin has a “thud” sound and not ideal for carving. 


Take part in the fall tradition and pick a perfect pumpkin from the patch! 

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