How to Keep Your Flower Bouquet Last Longer

Valentine’s Day is one of the most romantic days of the year. If you receive a flower bouquet, there are ways to preserve it. These tips can help keep your flowers fresh and beautiful for a long time! 


Cleaning Your Vase 

Before you use your vase, make sure to clean it thoroughly and air dry naturally. By cleaning your vase, this helps prevent your vase from containing any lingering bacteria from a towel or previous use. By cleaning the vase, you can avoid your flowers wilting faster!  



Before you place the bouquet into the vase, trim 2 – 3 cm from the bottom of the stems. Trim from a 45-degree angle with sharp scissors. This allows the stems to absorb water more efficiently with fresh tissue. Be careful if you use dull scissors because they won’t cut properly.  

If there is any foliage that resides below the waterline, gently remove it to avoid debris buildup. Some flowers have wilted outer petals, remove 2 – 3 petals to reveal the healthier petals. It also helps avoid spreading mold to the rest of the petals.  



Fill the vase up to two-thirds with fresh, cold water. Add your flower food and follow the instructions listed. After the first day, change the water regularly with clean water. Continue trimming the stems to reopen the tissue for better absorption.  



Although flowers make every room look and feel beautiful, sometimes the placement can affect their longevity! Make sure to place your bouquet away from direct sunlight.  

If you plan to place your vase in the kitchen, don’t place it near the fruit bowl. Ripening fruit has an odorless, invisible gas called ethylene. This odor is only deadly to flowers and can cause your bouquet to wilt at a faster rate. 


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