SaferGro's Guide for Transplanting

Now that spring is here, it’s the best time to develop your green thumb! We understand gardening can take weeks or months before you can see any growth. There is another method that can speed up the process: transplanting.  

Transplanting is when you move one plant to another location. This is a great method to help beginner gardeners to start their gardens. Before you start digging and placing the transplant, follow these steps to ensure success!  


  1. Prepare your plant’s new location! 

Whether you plan to move your plant in a garden or pot, it’s important to prepare its new location. Dig a hole that’s roughly 2-3 inches deep; this applies to garden or pot location.  


  1. Remove your plant from its pot. 

Begin transplanting before your plant blooms. Once you pick up your plant, gently remove the soil around the roots and inspect. Use gentle force to loosen the roots. This helps the plant’s roots to have better absorption, allowing roots to spread out and helping it acclimate faster!  


  1. Transplant your plant to its new home. 

Place your plant into the hole you dug and should be leveled with the soil. Gently pat the soil around the plant to ensure your plant is secure and not exposed to outside debris. 


  1. Provide basic care in the meantime.

For the next 2-3 weeks, don’t apply any fertilizers or products. Solely water your plants 1-2 a week (depending on your climate). Watering helps your plant’s roots to grow and spread in the new soil. It’ll be able to settle and acclimate to its new location. The main goal is to reduce shock to your plant!  


Planting transplants can help jumpstart your garden for this season. Transplanting is an easy process that can benefit your garden. Stick around to learn which SaferGro products help your transplants!

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