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Pest Out® is a natural miticide and insecticide that provides excellent control of pests such as mites, thrips, and aphids. This is a patented formula using natural oils that are toxic to pests and utilizes other unique modes of action to control difficult pests. Pest Out® fits within a prevention or integrated pest management (IPM) program. 

Beyond targeting bad pests, Pest Out® is less harmful to beneficial fauna than most other insecticides! This safe, long-lasting formula can protect your crops all season, up to and including the day of harvest.


  • All natural and organic
  • Food grade ingredients
  • Safe around children and pets
  • Effectively kills pests on contact
  • Controls both adult and any developing stages of soft-bodied insects and mites
  • Long lasting formula
  • Never leaves an odd taste

Package sizes:

  • 1 pint concentrate
  • 1 quart concentrate
  • 1 gallon concentrate


Not available to ship to the following states: 

Alaska, Connecticut, Iowa, New Mexico, and West Virginia.


Mix 1 gal. of Pest Out® concentrate per 100 gallons of spray water. Apply enough to cover the entire surface of infested tissues.

Final Mix Volume


1 gal.


5 gal.


10 gal.


25 gal.


Apply no more than once in a 7-day period. Repeat application, as necessary. Coverage is essential to establish control. The use of a spreader/sticker may increase contact and efficacy of treatment.

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