Soluphos SP

Size: 1 lb


Soluphos SP is a powder form microbial inoculant that increases phosphorus availability. Sustainable, non-hazordous, and organic Soluphos SP increases the availability of phosphorus in some cases by 40%. 


  • Increase phosphorus availability in soil 
  • Reduce phosphate fertilizer consumption by 20 – 50% 
  • Secrete growth-promoting substances to enhance the growth of plants 
  • Increase crop yield 
  • Provide protection against drought and some soil-borne diseases 
  • Improve nutritional value of crops 
  • Increase the number of flowers 
  • Sustainable, non-hazardous, and green product 

Package sizes: 

  • 1 lb 
  • lb 
  • 20 lb 

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