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Size: 1 lb


Mycormax® is a powder form biologically based product containing spores, colonized root fragments, and other propagules of seven beneficial root colonizing fungi species. 

Mycorrhizal fungi live on the roots of plants in a symbiotic relationship. These fungi help plants absorb nutrients and water and physically protect the roots from penetration by disease-causing soil pathogens. Mycormax® rebuilds soil populations of beneficial mycorrhizal fungi after soil fumigation or other events that reduce populations. 

We recommend you apply Mycormax® once a year to maintain the mycorrhizal population. 


  • Physical barrier against root pathogens and nematodes 
  • Increased absorption of essential nutrients 
  • Natural non-toxic 
  • Certified for use in organic food production 

Package sizes: 

  • 1 lb 
  • lb 
  • 20 lb 

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