Aqua Power™

Size: Pint


Aqua Power™ is a liquid fish formula derived from hydrolyzed fish protein that has a superior availability of nutrients compared to common fish emulsions.

It provides readily available amounts of organic nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium to growing plants. Not only that, but it contains 20 different amino acids, 13 vitamins, and 8 minerals including manganese, iron, copper, and zinc in trace amounts. The nutrients in Aqua Power™ are even available when applied as a foliar spray.

  • Non-leaching formula
  • Slow release nitrogen
  • Feeds soil, plants and beneficial soil microbes
  • Boosts early growth spurts
  • Contains 20 amino acids, 13 vitamins, and 8 minerals to promote health and growth
  • Very low in salt
Package sizes:
  • 1 pint concentrate
  • 1 quart concentrate
  • 1 gallon concentrate

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