Bug-Free Stable Set – Repellent and the Trap with Attractant

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Size: Calm Ride – RTU Set of 2 + Fly Trap Set of 2
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This combination of flies and ticks repellent spray and fly traps for your precious horses with natural ingredients will deter and eliminate insects without the use of harsh chemicals.

Calm Ride™ is a natural insecticide that keeps annoying insects away from your horses and their living environments. Made with a combination of essential oils, (Cottonseed, Clove, Cinnamon, and Citronella) Calm Ride™ is a highly effective insect repellent that safely keeps flies and ticks away from your horses.

Fly Trap™ is a simple to use and effective fly control product. Luring pests with an enticing odor attractant, Fly Trap™ captures flies in its specially designed no-escape container. This lightweight yet heavy duty Fly Trap™ attracts: horse flies, house flies, flesh flies, blue bottle flies, cluster flies, fruit flies, and sand flies. Just add water to activate this product.


  • Naturally sourced active ingredients
  • Effective yet gentle formula
  • No permethrin, pyrethroids, pyrethrins, or DEET
  • No petroleum or chemical carrier
  • safe to handle

Recommended Use:

Set Fly Trap™ 20 feet away from stable and best under shade; Use Calm Ride™ as need to horse’s coat.

Package sizes

Calm Ride – RTU, Set of 2 + Fly Trap, Set of 2


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Calm Ride - RTU

Please see: Calm Ride™ | Equine Fly Spray | Green Star

Fly Trap

Please see: Fly Trap™ | Green Star

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