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A healthy digestive tract is key to ensuring your horse is getting the most out of their supplements. At Green Star, our natural products not only focus on supplying high quality ingredients that target your horse’s needs, but also provide basic coverage for a healthy digest system. Our well-rounded formulation supports all aspects of your horses health ensuring they stay healthy from the inside out.


Get Started with Our Most Popular Products Bio Care & Immu Care

The prebiotics in Immu care set the foundation for Bio Care to achieve its full potential. The two products symbiotically work together to enhance immunity and optimize gut health, making sure that your horses are at peak performance. 


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Bio Care | Probiotics

Bio Care is a ready to use probiotic supplement for equine. Bio Care consists of live yeast and probiotics. Unlike other probiotic products, Bio Care is uniquely produced to harvest beneficial metabolites that happen during fermentation along with viable probiotic cells to maximize benefits in digestion and GI health.

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Immu Care | Mannan- + Fructo-Oligosaccharides

Immu Care is a ready to use prebiotic supplement that focuses on immunity and equine general health. Rich in fructo and mannan oligosaccharides, Immu Care stimulates the immune system, promotes probiotics, and diminishes the viability of toxins and pathogens, promoting greater health and performances.

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Joint Care | MSM + Vitamin D3

Joint Care is a ready to use supplement for equine joint health. Fortified with chondroitin, glucosamine, and MSM while reinforced with chelated manganese, vitamin D, and essential amino acids, Joint Care delivers complete support to maintain joint health and promote recovery.

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Coat Care | Omega-3 + Omega-6

Coat Care is a ready to use supplement for equine coat health. Formulated with rich omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, along with vitamin E, and essential amino acids, Coat Care helps to maintain shiny hair and a healthy coat and to prevent dullness.

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Hoof Care | Chelated Zinc + Biotin

Hoof Care is a comprehensive horse supplement for equine hoof health. Its well-rounded formula of chelated zinc and key nutrients, including biotin and essential amino acids, supports hoof strength and health.

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MinStar | Multi-Mineral

MinStar is a ready to use multi-mineral supplement specifically designed to prevent and correct mineral deficiencies in equine. Featuring chelated minerals, MinStar delivers bioavailable minerals better than regular inorganic mineral supplements. MinStar contains zinc methionine, manganese methionine, copper methionine, and cobalt methionine complex.

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