MixWell™ | Acidifier

Size: Gallon



MixWell is a multipurpose, multifunction product designed for soil and water applications where the pH needs to be lowered into a more acidic range. It is an organic based material that is natural and environmentally friendly. MixWell is ideal for conditioning alkaline soils and water.


  • pH reducer solution
  • Corrects hard water
  • Prevents precipitation with Ca, Mg, etc.
  • Helps prevent clogging of equipment
  • Removes scale and hard water deposits
  • Complexing agent
  • Increases the availability of nutrients
  • Prevents hydrolysis of pesticides

Package Sizes:

  • 1 Gallon
  • 2.5 Gallons
  • 55 Drum Gallon
  • 250 Gallon Tote

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