Organic Bio-Stimulant Set - Naturally-Sourced Benefiting Stimulants for Increased Plant Growth

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Size: Rhizone 1 gallon + Seamax 1 gallon
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Try this full season supply of naturally-sourced, organic-registered biostimiulant combination from start with Rhizone, to finish with Seamax.

This combination of biostimulants reduces the need for fertilizers and increases plant growth. They provide the ability to withstand stresses on plants such as drought, extreme cold or heat, and high winds that can have harmful effects. These abiotic stresses on plants reduce growth and yield below optimum levels.  Enhancing growth and stress tolerance is a welcome addition to any crop or garden.

Furthermore, using Rhizone® in the beginning of the season will direct the plants’ energy to focus on the development of root mass, establish the foundation of the plants health, and further increase the plants survivability. After the beginning of your plants’ growth, likely in vegetative stage, switching to Seamax will redirect the growth energy of the plant to full production. With the pre-established healthy root mass from Rhizone, the growth affect will be even higher.



  • Enhances rooting and plant growth
  • Increases seedling survival rate
  • Stimulates plant growth
  • Increases micronutrient uptake
  • Increases plant productivity, quality and nutritional value
  • Enhances drought and stress tolerance 
  • Earlier harvest


Recommended use:

To establish the roots, use Rhizone® in the beginning of the growing season as seed application, soil application, or root dipping. From vegetative stage, use Seamax®.



Rhizone® 1 gallon + Seamax 1 gallon

Rhizone® 1 gallon + Seamax 2 x 1 gallon

Rhizone® 1 gallon + Seamax 3  x 1 gallon


Registration Unavailable: MT, ND, WY

Shipping Unavailable: AK, HI, PR


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