5 EASY Plants to Grow: Flower Edition

After learning about five easy to grow veggie plants, it’s time to learn about flowers! There are many options with specific requirements to grow. Start easy to allow yourself to get familiar with gardening.  

Here are five of the easiest flower plants to start your garden! 



Cosmos can grow in poor soil, attract pollinators, and range in pink, orange, and white. Don't worry if your cosmos don't grow after its first year, it's an annual plant! 



Lavender is easy to grow and versatile in your home, such as décor, air freshener, or herb. 



Marigolds can grow quickly and come in shades of red, yellow, and orange. Click here for our post all about this beautiful flower!  



Pansies come in a range of colors and one of the best plants that can survive California’s winter.




Sunflowers are one of the best options because of the low maintenance! Most varieties are drought-tolerant, heat-tolerant, and can grow in various types of soil.  


Learning about garden techniques is a process that takes trial and error. Gardening can be fun and provides natural beauty to the landscape. It also gives a chance for pollinators to reside in your garden. The blooming flowers will provide a beautiful landscape to your home! 

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