5 EASY Plants to Grow: Veggies Edition

As the new year starts, it’s the perfect time to learn all about gardening. This is part of our mini-series on plant guides for beginners! We’re solely focusing on vegetables since there are many vegetables to choose from. Start easy to allow yourself to get familiar with gardening.  

Here are five of the easiest veggie plants to start your garden! 



Herbs are one of the best plants to slowly transition into gardening. Some of these herbs include thyme, oregano, basil, cilantro, and chives. You can click here for our guide to growing herbs.  



This might not be everyone’s favorite, but kale is a great beginner plant. Give it a chance and start your garden off with a superfood! Learn more by clicking here




Lettuce is a fast-growing plant. It’s ready to harvest after 30 days and provides healthy greens for your kitchen. To learn more, you can click the links to our previous blogs!  



Potatoes are versatile in cooking, why not grow your own! It’s a root veggie that can grow in a container. The best part about planting one potato is getting 5-10 more potatoes!   



Radishes are also fast growing and frost tolerant. Although one seed produces one radish, it takes 20-30 days after planting to harvest. It can be grown in a pot or garden as well.  


Learning about garden techniques is a process that takes trial and error. Gardening can be fun and allows you to grow your own ingredients. The harvest will prove itself to be satisfying and fulfilling! 


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