Essential Oils As Pest Controls

Summer is here as are summer pests. From ants ruining your summer cook out to flies wondering into open windows instead of a nice summer breeze, pests are the thing you do not want to deal with this season. As a solution, many turn to harsh chemical sprays that can be harmful to you health. In lieu of that we at SaferGro prefer pest controls derived from essential oils. Essential oils are a great option to deter insects from your home and gardens. A great alternative to traditional pest repellents essential oils are safe to use around the home children and pets. While gentle on the home essential oils are effective and tough on pests through multiple modes of action.

What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are highly concentrated natural plant oil extracts. Extraction methods vary, as do areas of the plant where the oils are extracted from. Typically, they are extracted through a distillation process, or through other methods such as cold pressing. Because essential plant oils come from nature, many assume they are gentle and are not potent. However, plant oils are in fact very strong especially against insect pests and plant diseases.

What are the Benefits of Essential Oils as Pest Controls?

Essential oils as pest controls offer environmentally friendly benefits that chemicals-based pest controls could never supply. They are better for your plants. They do not linger in the environment. They do not contain any synthetics. They are free of DEET. They do not contribute to air pollution. They are safe to beneficial fauna and beneficial pollinators. Most importantly, however, they are family-friendly and safe to use around children and pets when used as directed.

Essential Oils in Our Recommended Products

Ant Out

  • Ant Out is a natural, botanical ant killer derived from essential oils and other natural ingredients. Ant Out wipes out all types of ants and controls all life stages – egg, larva, pupa, and adult. It is also effective against spiders, silverfish, crickets, and other common insect pests.

Bio Repel

  • BioRepel is an all-natural insect repellent made from garlic oil. Free of harsh chemicals, when applied BioRepel’s odor dissipates within a few minutes, but remains offensive to insects and other pests for days. While it actively repels pests for days it has no plant toxicity and when used as directed, is completely safe to use, handle, and store.

Pest Out

  • Pest Out is a miticide and insecticide that provides excellent control of mites, thrips, and aphids. Its patented formula uses unique modes of action to control difficult pests. The safe and long-lasting formula protects your crops all season to the day of harvest. With physical, chemical, and behavioral modes of action, Pest Out works as a curative and preventative miticide and insecticide. Derived from cottonseed oil, clove oil, and other natural ingredients, its natural oils are toxic to aphids, thrips, and other soft bodied pests yet remains harmless to beneficial and non-target insects.

Calm Ride

  • Calm Ride is a pesticide free natural fly repellent. Designed for peace of mind, Calm Ride effectively repels flies yet is gentle on animals and safe around children and pets. A natural alternative to chemical pesticides, Calm Ride consists of natural essential oils and does not have petroleum related or other chemical carriers.

Chick Gard

  • Chick Gard is an insecticide formulated with essential oils to provide a safe and natural defense against mites and lice. Containing cinnamon, citronella, and clove, Chick Gard's ingredients hold compounds that both repel and kill pests on contact. Utilizing three essential oils, Chick Gard is a natural product that is safe to use on animals. Free of harsh chemicals, its ingredients ward off pests through multiple modes of action to provide full protection to your poultry and environment.
  • Chick Gard results in improved egg quality, better living conditions, increased performances, and a reduction in the spreading of disease.

Fly Trap

  • Fly Trap is a simple to use and contact free fly control product designed for outdoor use. With its patented no-escape closure and no hassle attractant, Fly Trap is effective against multiple fly species. Just add water to activate and let Fly Trap do the work for you.


Final Things To Know 

The ingredients used in our EPA-exempt products are all classified by the Environmental Protection Agency as “minimum-risk.” Many are OMRI listed for organic garden growing and protection. Enjoy your summer pest free this year around your home and garden. 

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