How to Grow Pumpkins and Squash for the Fall Season

After carving your pumpkin, you’re left with a bunch of pumpkins seeds. There are many ways to discard the seeds. Take this opportunity to grow your own pumpkins to celebrate the fall season! Experience the joy and fun of planting pumpkins, here are a few tips to follow.   

#1. Space 

You need plenty of space to grow pumpkins. For each sprout, it’s recommended to have 20 square feet minimum in between. The area shouldn’t have any shade, since pumpkins need full sun access. Once there’s a low chance of frost, you can begin planting.  

#2. Soil 

The soil temperature needs to be 65 degrees Fahrenheit to plant. However, these seeds need warm soil to sprout. You can make a small pile in the center of the seed’s spot. It allows the seeds to sprout faster. Plant 1 inch deep and place 3 – 5 seeds in the pile.  

Pumpkins need at least 1 inch of gentle and deep soaking once a week. Don’t focus on the wilted leaves, it’s more important to feel moist soil. You can use mulch to conserve moisture and combat weeds. Keep in mind that overwatering can lead to root rot! 

#3. Harvest 

Depending on the climate, it can take 3 – 4 months to harvest your pumpkins. Mature pumpkins will have a hardened rind and reach its desired shade. Leave several inches of the stem before cutting and before there’s frost! 

It’s recommended to companion plant with squash for better yield. If you plant squash with pumpkins, plant the seeds about 3 – 4 feet away from each other. Supply similar care for watering.  

#4. Pest/Disease Control 

Take precautions for your blooming plants and don’t let pests ruin your progress! You can use SaferGro’s Pest Out for an organic, sustainable pest control spray. SaferGro also offers Mildew Cure, a natural and organic fungicide, to combat powdery mildew. If you want to avoid a soft underside, you can place cardboard underneath. Wait for your pumpkins to turn to its desired shade, do not cut if it is lighter in shade! 


Take this fall season to start a new gardening journey! 

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