How to Pick the BEST Christmas Tree!

Temperatures are getting colder, and the winter season is creeping upon us. This means Christmas tree farms are back! Finding a Christmas tree is one of the best ways to celebrate the holidays. If you don’t know how to pick a tree, follow these tips to guarantee a perfect tree.


Picking a Spot 

There are steps to complete before heading to the Christmas tree farm. Take the measurements of the space. Use the ceiling height, space’s width and include your tree topper into consideration. This will make the picking process easier, as you’ll have the correct measurements.  

Make sure your home has a safe and suitable spot to place your tree. Avoid spots that can lead to bumping, tripping, or knocking it down. Don’t place the tree near a heat source under any circumstances. This includes windows with full sun access, radiators, heating vents, and fireplaces. It can become a fire hazard.  

Picking a Tree 

Now that you have those steps completed, you can start picking! Some trees may look luscious and green, but some might be drying out already. Touch the trunk and it should feel slightly sticky from sap. Gently grab a branch and use your hand to pull it towards you. When you pull, fresh needles look shiny, green, and very few fall off. If it looks brown, dull, and many needles fall off, keep searching. If your tree passes the branch test, make sure it's a bright, forest green shade! 

Transporting Home 

You can lay the tree inside your vehicle’s trunk or tie it on top of its roof. If you’re tying it to the roof, bring a tarp or old blanket to wrap around the tree. It protects the needles from winds while driving back. 


The fresh smell of pine will put you in the holiday spirit. It’s more tedious to maintain it, but it’s worth seeing a fresh Christmas tree bringing joy to the season! 

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