How to Keep a Christmas Tree Fresh for the Holidays

After picking your Christmas tree, it’s time to take it home! Before you can decorate, there are steps to ensure your tree lasts. Make sure you picked a safe spot and have the stand ready for your first step. 

Many Christmas tree farms offer to cut the trunk before you take it home. Say yes! This allows the tree to reopen its stem and drink water. If not, cut the trunk about 1 inch from the bottom. Follow the stand’s instructions and place the tree, now you’re ready to take care of it!  

If you plan to use lights, it become a fire hazard if it’s left unmonitored. Turn off the lights when you’re not in the area. Don’t use lights that are in poor condition. Be aware that the lights also causes the tree to dry out faster. 

It’s very important to maintain a watering schedule. If you don’t provide enough water, the stem will reseal and won’t drink any more water. Christmas trees need a lot of water to survive. On the first day, it may use up to 2 gallons of water! Use the indicated line on your stand or at least 1 gallon of water.  

There are different opinions on what type of water you should use. There are additives or homemade remedies. However, research has proven those methods haven't provided significant growth. Instead, research found those methods decreased the tree’s moisture retention or increased needle loss. It’s best to use plain tap water.

If the needles start making a mess, you can clean it up using your vacuum cleaner. 


The natural scent of a Christmas tree brings festive cheer to your home. It’s important to care for your tree so that it’s fresh for the holiday season!  

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