How to Sustainably Discard a Christmas Tree

As the festive season comes to an end, what happens to your natural Christmas tree? After taking off the decorations and stand, all that’s left is a dry tree. There are many ways to sustainably discard your Christmas tree.   

You can cut the tree into smaller pieces and make mulch! Mulch has multiple benefits for the soil and plants. It helps retain moisture during the winter season. Plants require more care to avoid frost damage, and this provides a layer of protection.  

Home Depot stores offer recycling services after the Christmas holiday. Contact your local store to verify if they’re participating. Keep up to date with your public works department. Some departments announce dates for tree recycling. The old trees are repurposed into woodchips for parks and gardens!  



For those that own a reusable Christmas tree, you can dismantle the tree and put it away until the next holiday season. If you want to discard it, you can donate to your local donation center.  

Don’t chop your tree and use it as firewood, it contains flammable oils that can increase the risk of a fire. When it burns, the carbon goes back into the atmosphere. Don’t throw your tree in the landfill under any circumstances. The tree gets piled under trash, which lets the bacteria turn the carbon into methane. Always check if there are sustainable options!  


Christmas trees that are thrown away cause more damage to the environment. It’s important that we take these extra steps. Natural Christmas trees aren't a problem if we sustainably discard them! 

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