5 EASY Plants to Grow: Fruit Edition

The last part of our mini-series will focus on fruit plants! Fruit is a great way to add variance to your garden and grow your food sustainably. If you’re starting out as a beginner, you shouldn’t shy away. Start easy to get familiar with gardening.  

Here are five of the easiest fruit plants to start your garden! 



Blackberries are another easy berry to grow. Now that the temperatures are getting warmer, you can begin planting in early spring. All it needs is full access to the sun!



Blueberries are one of the easiest berries to grow! It’s low maintenance and has little disease or insect issues. If you plant blueberries with azaleas and camellias, it helps make the growth easier.  



Don’t feel intimidated by growing a lemon tree, lemons grow well in a container too! It grows best in warmer climates. You can also buy a transplant to speed up the process. 



Pomegranates are drought-tolerant and don’t require much water. It can grow in a container or garden as a tree or shrub. It's perfect for California weather since it can grow in a wide range of climates!     



Tomatoes can grow in a container or garden with full access to the sun. Once frost is no longer an issue, this fruit can yield 20-30 tomatoes! Click here for our guide on growing tomatoes.  


Learning about garden techniques is a process that takes trial and error. Gardening can be fun and allows you to grow your own fruits. The harvest will prove itself to be satisfying and fulfilling! 

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