BEST Sustainable Product for Green Lawns in Winter

It’s important to maintain lawn care since the cooler months are approaching. SaferGro offers a product to help your lawn prepare for winter!  

Autumn Care is an easy-to-use formula used for lawns, sod, and turf. It keeps your lawn green for a longer period and survives during the winter. Having strong and healthy foliage gives your lawn a better chance of minimizing loss.  

It’s composed of phosphorus, potassium, nitrogen, and micronutrients. Phosphorus promotes root growth more efficiently. Potassium helps combat stress, drought, disease, and weather changes. Nitrogen helps with chlorophyll production and promotes leaf growth. These nutrients allow the grass to have balanced nutrition for winter.   

Mix 3 oz of Autumn Care per gallon of water and apply it to 500 square feet of your lawn. If you use a hose end sprayer, set it to 3 oz and apply it as the first method. Repeat application every 2 weeks or as needed! Before using Autumn Care, perform a jar test for compatibility before mixing with other products. Make sure to store it in a cool, dry place after use and dispose of it properly.  


Your lawn deserves to look nice for the upcoming holiday season. Autumn Care will make sure your lawns are luscious and green! 

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