Safergro Laboratories Inc., is a research-oriented company dedicated to the development of safe and organic products for agricultural, horticultural, and home garden use.

Safergro products provide a gateway into a safer and more eco-friendly lifestyle. We have been on the path to a healthier and safer living environment for over 25 years. The key is discovering new ways to grow bigger, healthier, and pest-free fruits, vegetables, and ornamentals while protecting you and your family from a chemically treated environment.

Our products are developed by scientists with decades of experience in the fields of plant physiology, entomology, and organic and physical chemistry. And we trust our technical support with highly specialized professional personnel with expertise in crop science, soil science, microbiology, plant nutrition, and environmental horticulture.

Home gardeners and commercial growers can take advantage of our superior knowledge of plant nutrition and plant protection with the best safe and organic products on the market today.