Avoiding 5 Common Gardening Mistakes

With every skill, mistakes are common among beginners and it can be frustrating to overcome. Gardening is no exception! It can take multiple attempts to finally understand how your garden works. If you’re a beginner gardener, these are 5 common mistakes to look out for.  


Sun Access for Plants 

You need to know which plants require full access to sun or shade. They won’t grow to their potential if they’re planted in the wrong spot. You can do more research to ensure you’re planting in the right spot. 


Out of Season Plants 

There are plants that can’t survive under specific weather conditions. Most plants grow best if they’re planted before fall and winter. If you plant during frost, some plants can suffer damage or die. Plant once there's no frost threat or switch to plants that can survive the cold weather. 



Each plant needs a different amount of water. Some plants require little watering or constant watering. Overwatering can lead to the roots drowning, yellow and brown leaves, and root rot. If the topsoil looks dry, check under the soil. Sometimes the soil is wet and doesn't require more watering. Only water when it’s necessary! 


Too Much Insecticide 

Believe it or not, it’s possible to use too much insecticide. You can’t kill every insect that lands on your plant. Know the difference between a pest and beneficial insect! You also don’t want to surround yourself with harsh chemicals. Natural methods are a better alternative to target pests.

SaferGro offers many products that emphasize the importance of sustainability. Pest Out® Ready-to-Use Bottle is an organic, all-natural, and safe insecticide to use around children and pets. 


Replanting the Same Crops 

It can be a problem when choosing a spot for your plants. Planting the same plant in the same spot can lead to damage. The nutrients in the soil can get depleted and affect your harvest yield. Pests and diseases linger deep in the soil and attack the crops planted. By switching the rotation, you can break the pests and disease pattern.  


There’s no shame when it comes to learning a new skill. Everyone’s made similar mistakes and your knowledge grows over time! Time and patience will allow you to persevere and find success in gardening.  


Look out for our mini blog series on plant guides for beginner gardeners!  

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