4 Tips to Planting Herbs Indoors Year-Round!

It’s great to grow herbs that provide a fresh taste in your meals. There are winter herbs that grow outdoors, but don’t you want to grow without worrying about frost? Growing indoors is an easy process that can elevate your meals. Some herbs that grow indoors include basil, rosemary, thyme, chives, and oregano. These are the easiest to grow if you have the proper tools and knowledge! 


#1. Choose Pot 

For plants that need to transition indoors, the roots are clustered together and easy to separate. Make sure there are no signs of pests or disease. It needs to be treated before bringing it indoors.  

For seedlings, pick a container that can hold the clustered root and still have enough space. Make sure the container has holes at the bottom to allow water to drain out. If the container is too small, you will need to repot. If the container is too large, the soil stays wet for too long and leads to root rot.  

#2. Light 

For the first couple of weeks, provide indirect light for the new plants. It also helps transported plants to acclimate to the new environment. Afterwards, you can place them under a bright spot for at least four hours.  

#3. Water 

When watering, make sure the herbs are provided with enough water without being overly soaked. During the winter season, it is best to keep it drier; allow the top inch of soil to be dry and continue watering.  

#4. Harvest 

When it’s time to harvest, only harvest a small amount! You don’t want to stress your herb to the point it can’t recover. Harvesting a small amount encourages new growth and begins to produce year-round! 


This is a great way to begin your gardening journey. Whether you want to avoid dealing with frost or provide fresh ingredients, herbs are the best plants to grow! 

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