Prioritizing Consumer Health with Efficient Biopesticides

Chemical pesticides are the primary source for pest control in agriculture. However, consumers are becoming increasingly concerned by the negative impact these harsh chemicals are having on the environment, their health, and the health of beneficial pollinators. Pest control is vital, the harsh chemicals are not; that is why we have replaced them with natural ingredients that deliver strong pest management solutions.

How It Works

Offering mite and insecticides that are both curative and preventative, biopesticides have physical, chemical, and behavioral modes of action. Disrupting cell membrane functions, biopesticides cause pests to feed less while corroding the muscles and nerves of their chemosensory organs. Tough on soft-bodied insects, mites, and weeds biopesticides are affordable, sustainable, and easy to use. They are safe to handle and to pollinators, biopesticides support a healthy ecosystem while improving crop yields.

Plant Extracts as Pesticides and Insecticides in Pest Control

Our biopesticides utilize essential oils from plant extracts, while synthetic chemical pesticides attempt to replicate the way these natural ingredients deter pests.

Approved for organic production, SaferGro biopesticide line includes customer favorites such as Pest Out, Weed Zap, Biorepel, Chick Gard, GC Mite, and Mildew Cure. SaferGro biopesticides offer increased yields and season long protection without leaving behind toxic residues in soils or water supplies.

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