WORST Insects to Find in Your Garden!

It’s an unfortunate sight to see damaged plants. Whether it’s chewed up stems, holes in the leaves, or unfamiliar clumps on the leaves, you wonder what could’ve caused it? The answer is simple and living in your garden: pests. The problem is that many insects reside in your garden: which ones are the culprits? It’s important to correctly identify pests from beneficial insects.  


#1. Aphid 

Aphids are one of the most common pests that affect gardens. They chew through the leaves, leaving a sticky substance, and luring ants. Their damage leads to fungal diseases, which are further spread by aphids. Once you notice the wilted and yellowed leaves, act fast! 

#2. Colorado Potato Bug 

Colorado potato bugs may look like ladybugs, but their black and yellow stripes shouldn’t fool you! Their ability to quickly reproduce happens before you notice the holes in your leaves. The damage causes stunted and poor growth with dying sprouts. Colorado potato bugs are easy to spot and hang around foliage. 

#3. Mexican Bean Bug 

Like Colorado potato bugs, Mexican bean bugs have a similar appearance to ladybugs. They’re oval shaped and have black spots, but they’re copper colored. They’re quick to lay their bright colored eggs underneath leaves and take over the entire plant. The larvae eat sprouting bean pods and adult bugs eat away the leaves.  

#4. Cutworm 

Cutworms are difficult to find for one reason: they feed during the night and hide during the day. They come in various shades of black, brown, tan, pink, green, or gray with a spotted or stripped pattern. Be on the lookout for chewed up plant stems, shriveled, or dying plants. Compromised plants will die despite appearance.  

#5. Tomato Hornworm 

Although tomato hornworms’ transformation to a Sphynx moth is vital, their larvae stage is a nuisance. They stand out with their bright green presence, especially after destroying tomato plant leaves. Make sure to move it far away from your garden as possible. Sphynx moths are considered beneficial, which makes it a tough decision whether to get rid or save! 


How do you get rid of these pests? There are many ways to combat. You can use beneficial insects as a form of pest control or sustainable products, such as SaferGro’s Pest-Out Ready-to-Use. Find natural approaches to ensure your garden doesn’t rely on harsh chemicals! 

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