How to Pick the BEST Apples for Apple Picking!

Pumpkins aren’t the only fall fruit to celebrate, apple picking is back for the season! After visiting the pumpkin patch, you don’t want to miss another fall tradition. Like pumpkins, it can be hard to know what a ripe apple looks like.  Follow these tips to guarantee the best apples for fall! 

#1. Color and Appearance 

Apples can range in different shades and should have an even shade throughout. Look for a smooth and firm feel, no visible cuts or bruises. 


#2. Picking the Best 

It’s good to know which part of the tree you want to pick. Ripe apples are farther from the base and towards the branch ends. Gently lift it upwards and do a little twist. Avoid shaking the branch, tree, and yanking. Apples will be more susceptible to damage, and it can affect how they grow in the future.

#3. Gentle Care 

Continue to provide gentle care by placing it in a basket or bag. This ensures lower chances of bruising. If you accidentally drop it, you can pick it up and gently place it back in your basket. You only want to avoid apples that are on the ground and didn’t drop at the moment. 


Make sure to add apple picking on your fall bucket list, check your local family farms to join the festivities!

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